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Welcome to another unboxing video. Today we will take a look at Mission Red Planet from Fantasy Flight Games.
This is the second version of the game so I have high expectations of that I would.. I
always wanted to try how this game plays. And of course is from Bruno
Faidutti and Bruno Cathala most of you already know these designers they are
well known for many many games. So, the art work is Stellar, as you can see, of course is Fantasy Flight, always good art. Okay, we start with the typical
booklet of Fantasy Flight Games. Probably outdated a little. Wow.. the rulebook is pretty light..
not a lot of pages and was expe.. expecting that to be a little… heavier
maybe? Wow.. a lot of stuff here.. I like that it’s wrapped. but it also feels pretty light I don’t
know maybe the board it’s.. pretty thin.. so.. these are to be unpunched
okay, this also. So now we have all the parts for the game, the various characters. We have the miniatures, the pieces of your people in various colors. These are actually pretty good quality… as expected Our small mission cards. Lets see.. at a miniature.. You can see the details, and there is a ton of them.
Okay, we have our typical Fantasy Flight box but pretty much maybe no one likes, I don’t know, let’s see if it’s anything here – nooo.. in most games there is
a surprise here or something (minis & stuff) but, these are pretty much all the pieces
of the game and I suppose that you’re making the Mars board with through (English 101) these pieces. So the board will come… …after assembling these, to make the main board of the game. And this game is pretty much like Citadels as I know, we have various
characters using their abilities, sending your little men to Mars Good quality pieces, beautiful artwork
-This is Mission Red Planet!

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