Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Debby Ryan

– [Tig] Debby. – Yes. – Your name is Debby. – Yes, my name is Debby. – Debby. – And then… – [Tig] Bread. (audience laughs) – [Alexa] Please welcome Tig Notaro. – Hi, welcome to Under
A Rock with Tig Notaro. I’m Tig Notaro. I’m a comedian and I
don’t follow pop culture, I don’t watch a lot of TV shows or movies, so I have a hard time
recognizing famous people. And on this show I interview famous people to try and figure out who they are. So please welcome this person. (upbeat music)
(audience applause) – I’m this person. – Hi. I’m Tig. Nice to meet you. – Yeah, thanks for having me. – Where are you from? – I moved around a lot. So I was born in Alabama and then I lived in Texas for a few years. – I was onto you. – No you weren’t. Alabama? – I detect an accent. – My parents are from Texas, so I’ve been speaking with my mom today. So I think that I have,
the accent does come back. But then I lived in
Germany and then I lived in Dallas Forth Worth for like four years, and then moved here when I was 14. Can you guess how old I am? Do you know? – I’m certain I could be your mother. – I don’t know. Well, I’m 26. – Yeah, I could be your mother. – Okay. – I am your mother. – I know of you because my mom
is a breast cancer survivor. And she– – Word got out about my cancer I guess. – Yeah she knows, everyone knows now. – And how’s your mother? – So today is the five year anniversary of her being no evidence of disease. – That’s incredible. – Yeah.
(audience applause) – [Tig] That’s a big day. – It’s a huge day, yeah. – She had stage four? – Yeah. So only 22% of stage four
survivors make it to year five. – Whoa. – I know. – I’m full of feelings. What is your name? You almost told me. – I almost did. I almost did. I was introducing myself
to people backstage and they were like, “You’ve
gotta stop doing that.” Shoot. – I wanna ask a cue card question. Do you speak any other languages? – I do. I speak German. – Oh yeah, you lived there. – I lived there. I went to German public
school and became fluent. – Alexa, what is Under a Rock
with Tig Notaro in German? – [Alexa] Under a Rock with
Tig Notaro in German is. (speaking foreign language) – Kinda sounded like
she was dropping a beat. – I’m gonna do a fun fact. – Okay. – These are fun facts in this bowl. This is fun. – This is fun? – Oh yeah. You are inspired by
Anne Hathaway’s career. – Just so that you can remember, this is Anne Hathaway. (audience laughs) – All right, you’re an actor. ‘Cause it says your first costar
was a big purple dinosaur. – You know that one. – [Tig] Of course. – ‘Cause if you don’t know him. – You were on Barney? – I was on Barney, yeah. And I am an actor, yeah. – That’s so great. Congrats on the Barney gig. – Thank you. Thank you. I played teenage girl. – You did? – Yeah. I booked it on my 13th birthday for the role of teenage girl. – What does that look like? What was teenage girl? What did she say and do? I’m just curious. – She lost her dog in a ravine. – Sure. – So she had to call on to
Barney and the fire fighters to help her find her dog. – Okay. – So it was essentially
like I lost my dog! Barney, can you help me find my dog? – So, when people watch this
are they gonna be like oh, I remember that.
– That was you? – You were teenage girl in the ravine. – Yeah. You lost the dog. – And then, spoiler alert,
Barney finds the dog. Okay I’m gonna give you a clue. – Well, you’d hope. – Well, this should. Okay. So do you know who, you know who this is. – Anne Hathaway. – That’s true. Do you know who this is? – It’s not Dolley Madison. – Uh-uh. – It’s um… – You’ll find her, you
know, in the grocery store. – No, I know, ’cause the Ding Dongs. I was so annoying as a kid. I would go up to their Ding
Dong and put my finger in it and go, “Ding dong.” (audience laughing) And then. – That’s so wrong. You don’t mess with a girl’s Ding Dong. – That’s the quote we were looking for. (audience laughing) We do it every episode in
hopes of getting the quote. – [Debby] The sound bite. – Yeah. – Do you know her? – That is, um… – She makes snack cakes. She’s described by her size. – Tiny. Little Debbie. – Yeah! – Little Debbie. – Yeah. – Debby. – Yes. – Your name is Debby. – Yes, my name is Debby. – Debby. – [Debby] And then… – Bread. Debby Bread. There you have it. – Debby Bread. – Debby Bread. – Thanks so much for having me. – Debby. Debby, rye? – Mm-hm. – Debby Rye, Anne Hathaway. – Yeah, yeah. – Debby Ryan. – Yes. (audience applause) That’s my name. – There she is, Debby Ryan. Am I pronouncing it correctly? – No, you can pronounce it Ryan. (audience laughing) – Well that’s embarrassing. – Yeah, I’m not introducing a name to you, like those are both names
you’ve heard before. – Well if it isn’t Debby Ryan. Is your real name Deborah? – Mm-hm, D-E-B-O-R-A-H. Deborah. – Okay. I’ll keep that in mind. My guest today is an actor and producer with over 26 million
social media followers. Beginning her career at the age of 12, she starred in Disney Channel shows such as The Suite Life On Deck, and as the title character
in the hit series Jessie, which she also developed,
produced, and directed. You’re a freak of nature. You’re 26. – Yeah. But I told you about my mom. Like that’s who bred me, you know. Like I got one of those
where’s she’s saying, “Go, go do the thing,
you wanna do the thing, “do the thing, make it happen.” – Yeah, she’s like, “I
have stage four cancer, “whatever, I’m just gonna…” – Yeah she’s like, “If I can do this, “like you can do a Disney show.” – You can get 26 million… Oh my gosh. I am so proud of myself,
I went swimming today. At the age of 26 she has already appeared in over 200 episodes of television, as well as one episode of
Under a Rock with Tig Notaro. (audience laughs) She currently stars as Patty, Bladell? – Bladell. – Bladell. – [Debby] I knew that one would be good. – Bladell, on Netflix’s Insatiable. Busy, busy little bee. Season two of Insatiable is
available on Netflix now. Now! – Right now. – Alexa, dramatic lighting. – [Alexa] Okay. – Turns out my guest today was Debby Ryan. (audience applause) Debby, you were a real treat. – Well. – But truly, you were so– – A real Ding Dong. – Yeah, you were a real Ding Dong. (cat meows)


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