Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Tony Shalhoub

– You’ve played characters
who are Italian, Greek, Jewish, and Alien. Are you Italian? – No. – Greek? – No. – Jewish? – No. – Alien. – Jury’s still out. (audience laughing) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Please welcome Tig Notaro – Hi welcome to Under
a Rock With Tig Notaro. I’m Tig. I’m a comedian and I
don’t follow pop culture. I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies. So I have a really hard time
recognizing famous people. And on this show, I interview famous people to try and figure out who they are. Please welcome this person. (audience clapping)
(upbeat music) – So nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. Hi. – Well this is nice. (audience laughing) – Do you like it? – It’s okay. – (laughs) Okay, truth comes out. So, do you like doing talk shows? – I do sometimes I do and then sometimes I feel like I’ve flopped big time. – You put a lot of pressure on yourself. – Daunting I guess. – And you can I hope feel
that there’s no pressure here. – Well yeah I feel very, very relaxed here. – I do too.
– But I’m heavily sedated. (audience laughing) – What are you on? – Decaffeinated coffee. What do you have there? – Well I have peppermint tea. Do you want some? – If you don’t mind. – I don’t mind. Not at all. Did you try and choose a– – It’s good. (audience laughing) Thank you. – Would you say you’re
good at being famous? – I don’t think of myself as famous. I have a sort of theory. I call it the bag of dog food syndrome. – Do tell. – You know there are people like see it, advertisement for dog food on TV, and then they see it
somewhere in the stores, and then go I saw that on TV. That’s how I feel. I feel like the bag of dog food. (audience laughing) That’s just this thing. Does that make sense? You want a clue? – Yeah. I would love to have a clue. – Okay well the first
clue, as it turns out, is a food clue. (audience laughing) – [Tig] Thanks Mike. – Thanks Mike. – I’m vegan. Okay, even this is vegan? – Vegan wings. The celery is definitely vegan. – And this has something to do with you? I would hope so. (audience laughing) Or else it’s like what are we doing? Are you from the show Wings? – Wow, great. (audience clapping) – This is so good. – As it turns out, we actually have someone in common. We both appeared in
movies with Ken Moreno. We’ll give him a call
to get your next clue. Alexa, call Ken Moreno mobile. – Calling Ken Moreno’s mobile. (phone ringing) – Hello. – Uh Ken? (audience laughing) – Tig. – (laughs) – How are you? – I’m good I’m sitting
here with our friend. I’m trying to I think learn his name or get a clue or just
learn more about him. – Right right well let
me see if I can help. Your guest and I were in a little movie called Gattaca in which I
played the break out role of Sequencing Technician. (audience laughing) I still remember my lines
if you wanna know them. – I know them by heart, but I’d like to hear you say them. – Yeah here they are, you ready? – Yeah. – How long? The actor says something. And then the other line
is I’ll see what I can do. (audience laughing) – My God Ken. – It’s like hearing them
again for the first time. – I would tell you what your
guest is most famous for but much like a monk, I’m taking a vow of silence. That was your clue. (audience laughing) – I feel like he was on the show Monk. (audience clapping) (bell dinging) – Ken? – Tig, right? – Yeah, Ken that’s enough we have to go. That was Ken. Alexa hang up. (audience laughing) Please tell me this has
nothing to do with anything. Toe, Knee. Tony. (audience clapping) Arm. Tony Armshawl? Well you can tell me, you can just say no. – No. Forget the arm. I thought this was charades. (audience laughing) – You all of a sudden just
dropped out of talking to me? – Perhaps I didn’t understand the whole. – Perhaps we don’t either. – Okay so. – Toe. Knee. Tony Shawl. Ear. Lobe. Tony Shaulobe. (audience clapping) That was good Tony. – I’m sweating now. – Are you? (audience laughing) – Because of the shawl. – Tony Shawl lobe. – Tony Shalhoub. – I’ve heard of Tony Shalhoub. (audience laughing) Why didn’t you just say Tony Shalhoub? You know what? I’m going to give you the proper intro that you deserved. – All right. We could’ve saved us a lot of time if we’d of just– (audience laughing) – If I just would’ve opened that? – Yeah. – This is a thick one. – Oh damn okay. – My guest today. He’s a celebrated actor
of stage and screen. Who has won four Emmy’s. – No that’s not true. – Tony. Tony four Emmy’s.
– That’s false That’s false. – You’re trying to push this away. – Three, I’ve only won three. – [Producer] And a daytime. For the special from– – Oh my God. (audience laughing) That was an appearance.
– Tony Tony Tony. – I was doing abroad. – You have four Emmy’s and
you thought you had three. – Five just call it five. (audience laughing) – Four SAG awards, a Golden Globe and a Tony, Tony. (audience laughing) Tony this is insane. – It is actually. (audience laughing) – Tony. I don’t know why you bring that out of me. (audience laughing) I have not ever done that
with anyone on this show. – It feels good though actually. – He currently stars in
the award winning show The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel. Was a fan favorite on the sitcom Wings. And is best known for eight seasons of the hit show Monk, in which he plays a bag of dog food. (audience laughing) – That’s what I’m saying. – I like ya’ Tony. I’ll be honest, I like ya’. – I like you too. – Alexa, dramatic lighting. – Okay. – Oh I like that. – Do you like it? – I do. (sighs) Let’s get serious here. – I’ve been serious this whole time Tony. (audience laughing) Turns out my guest today was Tony Shalhoub. (audience clapping) (upbeat music) (cat meowing)


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