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To Change Subtitles {CC} Captions Of Our PowerPoint Tutorials In French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Afrikaans, Chinese, Japanese & Lot More. Click Settings Button On YouTube Player Bottom Right>Choose Translate Option On Subtitles>Choose Your Language. Hello everyone! Welcome to RK Photo Magic Trix. Today we have RK, his daughter has taught us how we can create a scenery through PowerPoint. Now teach us how we can animate it or how can we bring animation through PowerPoint. Hi viewers, today I am going to teach you the first lesson of animation. If you listen to it very carefully, PowerPoint will become very simple for you and you will learn animations, which is the first step of animations. What did Arkshya teach you in making a scenery? When we were kids we used to draw mountains, rivers, birds. And the drawing we have here was drawn by her? Yes Let me draw a car here. As you can see we are able to draw a car, a bridge and river. But after we make all this people will be thinking that scenery making is for kids. But this will change once you learn how to use scribble. Scribble is like a pen, so you learn how to draw in PowerPoint. PowerPoint has one big problem, in Photoshop we have a rubber you can rub it. But here you cannot rub it. You can just delete it. So you have learned to scribble, now we have everything drawn. All of them are separate. If you look at anything, the mountains, the sun, clouds and birds, all of them are separate. Now let me bring this picture to life. For that, all I want is to show me with your hands how you want the sun to rise up. How will you do that? If we want the sun to rise we will do it like this, like it’s rising. And how? Like from behind the mountains? Absolutely. Arkshya has made the sun behind the mountains, will you tell me again how it rises. Please note, her hand is going from down to up; this is it’s motion. PowerPoint gives you the power to do this. Go to the ‘Animations’, click add animation, go to motion path. There are a lot of paths it can take such as: up, down, left, right or scribble. I prefer making my own path. To make this path, I will go to ‘custom path’. You can always keep on trying with different paths. Now what we have to do is move the sun upwards. How much it should rise and how slowly it should rise will determine the motion path. How much do you want it, tell me? It should go very slow because the sun rises very slowly. Ok, so what we will do is we take a custom path, and start it from downward direction, we draw a line that starts from here, goes up and stops here. What it does is, look in the animation pane to the right. You can see that it gives you seconds that you want it to be: .5 seconds, .7 seconds or more. In your case we will give it 5 to 7 seconds. Now look, the sun is coming out. Now we have the sun rising. We have clouds alongside the sun, and if we move them? What will you want if the clouds are here at the right and the sun here? Will you want the clouds to move from here to there? Yes, so what will be the motion path here? You are taking it from my right to your left and it goes like this. This is the motion path. So now look, I am giving the clouds the motion path and I want it to start when the sun rises. So I have to combine them together, it should ‘Start With Previous’ not ‘Start After Previous’. As you can see, I haven’t selected ‘Start After Previous’. This is because ‘Start After Previous’ means: first the sun will rise and after that the clouds are going to move. So to start the animation together, we are giving it the ‘Start With Previous’ command. And if we have birds and we make them fly as well? We have done a lot of work, now will you please stand up? Now I will think of her as an image. This is the first rule of animation. I will give her a motion path and now I will want her to move according to motion path I determine. For now, treat her as a picture. Now my motion path is that, first she should go towards the left, then behind me, after that she should take a turn, then move back diagonally and take her seat. All this is possible in PowerPoint. Now I am going to give her a path to follow. Look, I am making this path and she will follow it. Now I am pressing F5. She started, then turned here, now she’ll go diagonal, she also took a turn in between and then sat down. This is the power of PowerPoint. I have totally moved an object and I have commanded it where to go and how to get there. This is very essential when you make a look-back album, when you add your family pictures. How will they float, when will they be visible and for how long? Right now I am not adding any other animations to it. This is just a basic motion path. Okay, so we were talking about birds. For birds, you will select birds, then click on ‘add animation’. In ‘add animation’ if the wings of the birds have been created separately, then you can stretch or expand them. There are several animations. So as you can see, the wings have started floating and you do not necessarily have to make a lot of birds. If you want to create the same thing a number of times you can simply copy and paste it, and the same animation will be created in all of them
and the same animation will be created in all of them. As you can see, we have also created a jeep and gave it a motion path from above the bridge, from right to left then left to right. We can insert a Gif, Gif are the moving pictures. You can find Gif easily by going to internet and downloading it, as you can see in the background. Once I give all the pictures an animation, then you will see that the sun is rising, the clouds are moving. She will show it in her dance form what all is going on. Show us… The sun is rising, the clouds are moving, and the birds are flying. Alright… Pooja, look very carefully as I give animation in animation painter. As I select it, it shows the animation at the right of the screen. It shows the animation motion and duration. You can see on the right-hand side everything that you are doing. So we have to select and fix the timings? Yes, you can give it as much time as you want… Now look at this, I have created a logo of ‘RK photo magic trix’ in which the entry and exit is like this. I have used the same trick and a 3D background. It gives it such an amazingly good effect. This is exactly how we added animation in the 3D product gallery. You can clearly see behind me how good it looks. This was just a simple animation; now we will be going on to much more complex animations. To learn new animations you have to log on to and you can also like and share our facebook page.


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