Walk off The Earth – Has a Reality Show Ep.2 (Pilot)

Sarah: Last time on Walk Off The Earth, we’ve arrived in Whistler after a long tour… Sarah: for a few days of relaxing and
snowboarding Sarah: Gianni and Giorgio spent some guy time wandering in the woods Sarah: And Gianni is feeling pretty confident
before hitting the hill… Gianni: Just follow the curves that I do, I’m going to put some deep ones in the snow.. Gianni: It’ll help you kind of like catch a line Sarah: But little does he know that I have a few tricks up my sleeve… Sarah: You know every once in a while you got to come out of the woodwork and show people.. Sarah: the skills that you’ve been hiding for a long time…so this is one of those moments You got this! “Music Plays” Rule the World by WOTE Gianni: Conditions are not ideal, it’s tough out there you gonna go? Sarah: Alright, alright I’ll go. “Music plays” Gang of Rhythm by WOTE Gianni: What?! You’ve got to be kidding me! James: Dude..she rips. Gianni: Liar! Sarah: The conditions are actually pretty awesome Gianni: Sarah you’re a friken pro! Gianni: Why didn’t you tell me, how long have you been snowboarding! Sarah: Its just a little trick I had up my sleeve Gianni: She’s pro! Gianni: How did you keep that from me? Sarah: Some things about a girl you just got to keep a secret… Sarah: Lets do this, lets go do some more runs “Music Plays” Hold on by WOTE Sarah: Traveling with the kids and being in all different parts of the world is something.. Sarah: a little non-conservative I guess it’s
different than a lot of other people.. Sarah: and.. I hope that what they get out of coming with us and living this whole adventure.. Sarah: with us and this whole journey is that they get to really appreciate the world.. Sarah: and where we’re at and our family and our life and the people that are around us Sarah: and like the love that’s around us I
just want them to know that they’re a big part of that “Music plays” Hold On by WOTE Gianni: Giorgio you know mom’s a pro snowboarder, did you know? Gianni: You knew? He didn’t even tell me Gianni: Everyone’s is in on it except for me Sarah: Next time on Walk Off The Earth Sarah: We’re in Calgary Alberta for the Juno Awards where we’re nominated for group of the year… Sarah: and the stress is building leading
up to the award ceremony Sarah: I feel nervous… Sarah: I have major anxiety right now actually “Fans Cheering!” The Juno for group of the year goes
to.. Walk Off The Earth “Audience Cheering” Sarah: We just want you guys to know that if you have a dream go out and go for it.. Sarah: you gotta lead the way you gotta do what you love.. Sarah: because when you do what you love, what you do will love you back, thank you so much! Sarah: Hope you guys had fun watching that pilot… Sarah: Hit the like button and comment below.. Sarah: If you think we should make more content like this, do not forget to.. Sarah: subscribe and hit the notification bell so you’re always in the loop.. Sarah: when we drop a new video and you know we’re always on tour so we’ll see you soon.. Sarah: Love you guys XO.


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