WAN Optimization over satellite, with PACE by Vocality

Ahhh… now look at this. A scene of peace,
calm and order. When IP-based networks work … Users don’t tend to complain. Too frequently though, the natural balance
of things… … CAN experience a disturbance… “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that. Can you say
it again?” If users overstretch the performance of a
router or ‘ROUTER’ as we Brits prefer to say… … And try to send too many packets, phone
calls break-up… … And video streaming becomes jittery and
unreliable. All that investment in satellite bandwidth
and equipment, wasted if you’re unable to deliver your mission critical services. In short… … The results can be… … Catastrophic. It needn’t be like this though. With the right
kit everything can run properly and smoothly. That’s where P.A.C.E. from Vocality comes
in. How does it work? Well let’s explain… Normally data just travels in individual packets. Which is fine for your router… … Until the volume of packets becomes unmanageable,
and they end up getting delivered all mixed up. P.A.C.E. sorts out the chaos by intelligently
grouping packets together. With a more efficient throughput, more data
can travel more freely and packets arrive in the right order. So the jittering effect you might see in video
streaming no longer needs to be an issue. No dropped frames, no jitter – you get to
see the WHOLE picture! And as you might expect being from Vocality,
P.A.C.E lets more voices speak clearly, when it matters most. The sign of an efficient, working network
is no problems. Nothing dramatic. Everything just works. And that is what Vocality’s P.A.C.E. does
for you. No need to change your router – the Vocality
unit just sits inline, working its magic… … Restoring peace… and order… to your
universe. Ask Vocality how your network performance
can benefit by using P.A.C.E. Either with BASICS Optimiser so you keep your existing
router, or integrated into Vocality’s fully featured router…. rowter.

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