Wanda and Pickles Discover the Earth

[music] Dude this planet is so weird! It’s so warm and sunny! I kinda like it. I don’t know… it’s kinda scary. You think everything is scary. You thought that planet inhabited by tiny
harmless fur balls was scary. They were huge! Whatever, I’m just saying we should observe
some more before making assumptions. Well then I guess we better start poking around. It seems that the male is demonstrating his
affection by giving the female the severed limbs of a species known as the “rose”! Oh this is so barbaric, I can’t watch. Are you sure that he was demonstrating affection? The female seems to be reacting by trying
to squeeze his organs out. That is so gross! Stop! I can’t watch! Humans are monsters! They take other species as prisoners and parade
them around to show their strength off to others! It’s kinda cool. No it’s not! It’s horrifying! I guess it’s pretty scary. I think it’s dead. Are you sure? It doesn’t look that dead. I guess not. Maybe it’s just like half dead? Maybe it’s comatose? I don’t care I’m leaving. Well this planet was a bust. The conditions are perfect, but the inhabitants
are terrible. Yeah and they die for like eight hours when
its dark outside. Whats the advantage of dying? I don’t know and I don’t care, let’s just
go home. Alright.

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