Wargaming Scenery And Chaos Terrain

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Today we are taking a look at wargaming scenery and chaos terrain, but before we start be
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Right so scenery and terrain, where to begin? I have been really inspired recently by several
different blogs, White Dwarf articles and the Oldhammer Community on Facebook. What
I plan on doing with the pieces shown here is creating a consistent look that really
evokes a strong Chaos theme and of course an old school vibe. My goal for this scenery
and terrain is to be able to create some fab scenarios and interesting photo shoots with
my painted models, in an ideal world replicating maybe a slice of the 80’s and 90’s in doing
so. Before we go into what each piece is, I’d
like to just cover what I view the difference is between scenery and terrain. I would say
that scenery is used in the background for photo shoots and can be made up of terrain
pieces but is predominantly not used in battles or games; dioramas would certainly fit into
this category. Terrain I class as something you can use in your everyday games and needs
to be the right scale for the game to aid in immersion, whereas scenery doesn’t necessarily
have to be. Let’s get into the weeds and see what’s cooking,
does that make sense? I don’t know, you know what I mean!
The first piece I bought was this fancy keep, it’s roughly the right size to hold a few
occupants and has some really nice features. In particular I like the crumbling walls and
the rock the castle is perched on. I will mount it on a solid piece of lasered MDF and
then sculpt up from there to blend the base into the model with rock effect. I haven’t
decided yet if I will be dedicating each piece of scenery to a particular god and thus giving
it a strong colour scheme; or simply having everything painted very similar in a putrid
green colour and covering each piece in moss and lichen. I got this model from the local
aquarium, it’s made from resin and is supposed to go in a large water tank so it is pretty
robust. Of course, as it’s actually kind of cheap in design and manufacture it does have
some flaws in the casting process with some serious flash along the edges and there is
a mismatch between the mould halves on the base which will need fixing too. Overall though
it’s a great piece that will be super for anything from closeup photos to taking up
some space in the background. Destroy a man’s castle and destroy the man.
The second piece of scenery is another castle, that I picked up last weekend, again from
the same aquarium. It is made from similar resin and has the same flaws in its design
and casting, which are for the most part flash issues and a slightly misaligned base. As
you can see it has some nice spires and rooftops, however I would say it’s about 50% of the
scale of regular Warhammer miniatures. To rectify this, I have a couple of ideas, firstly
if it is to be used as scenery for pictures then I will be able to make it look like it’s
further away than it actually is in photo shoots due to the smaller scale; secondly,
I may cover it in Nurglings and just say it’s a castle built by them for them and thus the
scale is correct. That could be seen as a bit of a cop out but it works just fine for
me. Colour scheme I envisage for this would be a nice green with some extra sculpted pieces
in the roofs and on the base. A man will not invite you to his home on orders.
On to the wizard’s tower, I really like this kit and I was pretty disappointed when it
went out of production. So, when I saw one recently on eBay, I just had to snap it up.
It has some cool skulls on the base and I plan on using it for the most part as a lofty
background tower. Of course, it isn’t complete as I haven’t even started gluing it together
yet but I really like the style of the thing and I’m sure I can make it suitably dark and
grimy. Again, it will be based on a lasered MDF base and I will do some sculpting work
to blend the model in. I would actually like to add some more rocky skulls to the base.
I could do this with a press mould made from my rocky outcrop model that I have been working
on recently. A castle is master of all it surveys.
So on to said rocky outcrop. This is another piece from the local aquarium, pretty much
the same detail as the previous pieces, although the cast seems to have been well aligned for
this particular one and there wasn’t much flash. Strangely I got this model home and
then noticed that a piece of it had been smashed off in transit making the base somewhat wonky,
but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some modelling putty. I have filled the hollow
inside the outcrop with modelling clay and I will go over the gaps created by the shrinking
of the clay with some filler before texturing the whole thing and gluing it to its base.
I would like to put some LED lights inside it to give the skulls some eerie looking light
effects, but this maybe a bit too keen and may not actually look particularly Oldhammer
enough for the look I am going for. Blessed are the dark corners of the world,
as they harbour the things we dare not. As you can see, I have also included my Feculant
Gnarlmaw in this video, simply because it is a fun piece of terrain and would make a
nice addition for photo shoots. In the future I would like to build at least a couple more
of them and also get some bare trees to mix in with them to make a mysterious forest for
my Beastmen to roam about in. As always, I have lots of plans and only one pair of hands.
So, I think that idea being realised maybe a little way off at the moment.
Mysterious is the man with no home to call his own.
The final piece of terrain we are going to look at is the possessed windmill, made from
an old water pump from my last car. The thing is super heavy as it’s mostly metal and modelling
clay. However, I simply love the look of the demon in the door and have some fun ideas
for making it look creepy and interesting. Not least of which include trees growing out
of the side of the building, sculpted bricks at jaunty angles and of course plenty of signs
of corruption such as boils, spots and strange textures covering the walls. The main problem
for this particular piece is the weight of the thing, so I hope to do less sculpting
and more simply gluing old twigs to it to keep the weight down. But we will see, I may
have a change of heart and just go all out sculpting mad on it and it will end up weighing
about 50lbs. In other news I plan on building a Chaos castle
out of an old hard plastic Castle Greyskull from HeMan, however I seem to be having a
bit of trouble getting my hands on one at the moment. My brothers I believe is either
in my parents’ loft or has unfortunately been taken to the charity shop. One way or another
it’s unavailable so I figure I may have to resort to buying one at a premium from eBay.
Always a pain when you end up buying things you already owned, or could otherwise have
got your grubby mitts on. Recently during my travels, I saw an awesome
Polish castle which would look absolutely super as a keep in the near to middle distance
during photo shoots. It was pre-painted in a murky granite colour with some nice weathering,
or at least the box art led me to believe it was I can’t read Polish so I’m not entirely
sure what I was looking at. Again, another pipe dream I suspect as I’m running out of
room in the house at the moment, but who knows I may rent a garage or something to start
putting things in. Well I hope you enjoyed the video, which piece
of scenery or terrain was your favourite and why? Be sure to comment, like and subscribe
and thanks very much for watching. Happy New Years!

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