Wasp Spider Documentary | Planet Doc Express

This wasp spider waits for some hapless victim to fall into its trap: then it will pounce on its prey. Spiders set their silken traps in strategic locations, tending to and repairing their complicated structures, or even building a new one, every day.  Millions of insects daily fall victim to these invisible, sticky silken nets. This Argiope spider watchfully waits, detecting the slightest movement of its web through its forelegs. When a victim makes contact with the sensitive web, the spider attacks quickly; the prey is immobilized with a venom that both paralyzes it and liquefies its insides with protein-dissolving enzymes. Wrapped up in silk, its completely liquefied internal organs will be drunk later, at leisure. The male of this species, much smaller than the female, dare not approach his potential mate until she reaches sexual maturity. Then, for a short period only, her fearsome mouthparts soften: only then can the male copulate without fear of being eaten by his partner.


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