Water Feature Options For Your Landscape

Adding a professional water feature to your
landscape is a great way to enhance your outdoor living experience. Not only do they look great, but they can
provide a relaxing atmosphere that can be used for many years to come. Water features come in many sizes, shapes
and styles, but there are basically three that are most commonly used. The simplest of these is called a fountainscape. Examples include bubbling boulders, natural
spillways, and overflowing vases and urns. The components used in a fountainscape include
a reservoir, sometimes called a basin or a bowl, the pump, and the decorative feature
of your choice. A step up from a fountainscape is called a
pondless waterfall. A pump moves water to the top through a natural
waterfall and stream and then back into the ground. The pondless waterfall and stream is constructed
by installing a pump and a vault inside a reservoir. The pump is sized to be sure that there’s
just the right amount of water flowing down. The vault is sized to be sure it holds all
the water in the event that the pump shuts down for any reason. With a little bit of handiwork and vision,
this kind of water feature can fit into any landscape. The third type of water feature that is great
for any landscape in the ecosystem pond. Ponds are finished utilizing decorative stones
and boulders along with aquatic plants and fish. With nearly limitless design options, the
ecosystem ponds can be as small as three foot by five foot or as large as 30 foot by 50
foot, or even larger. Ponds are typically two to three feet deep
and they have a pump that circulates the water while a skimmer filters out debris. Ponds also have a biological filter which
filters the water and supports the propagation of beneficial bacteria. Some designs may also include an ultraviolet
filter or a bog filter. To eliminate water loss through percolation,
a thick rubber liner is installed on top of an underlayment. The underlayment cushions and protects the
liner. Maintaining your water feature can be easy
by using proven techniques that keep your water healthy and clean. Water feature manufacturers have combined
science with simplicity so that these treatments can be applied in a professional and efficient
way. The labels on these products will give you
precise and easy to understand instructions on how and when to apply them, ensuring reliable
results. So as you can see, there are many water feature
options that will fit any landscape. To learn more, you can sign up for one of
our education classes, stop by a local Ewing branch, or visit us online at ewingirrigiation.com.

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