watercolor landscape painting in urdu hindi watercolor tutorial for beginners

Asslam o alaikum
Welcome to MKazmi Studios today we are going to paint at the bank of ravi river
a very beautiful and calm place very artistic place start with sketching begore sketching on sheet make small thumbnails on sketchbook to know composition wet your sheet to paint in wet on wet technique not weting my hut because there is highlight in the sky using ultramarine blue with mixture of light red or burnt sienna now to the fields use yellow and sap green in fields spread color on wet paper dont be afraid in 2nd layer we will paint it with detail cool colors for background trees to show distance use more blue in fields we can see yellow flowers for yellow flowers yellow color on base after that use splatters for flower impression in background there are some houses they are too far so paint it in single watercolor wash distant trees in cool colors without detail use single wash to complete it now start foreground tree its looking blackish to me I am painting it in purple and blue using complementary colors in the hut there is yellow and purples and its complimentry is purple n blue so in tree use these colors to enhance the hut completing tree with darks now start hut .. our main object using warm colors more because its opposite to blue and purple to prominent our hut use warm colors in shadows of hut use cool colors with warm and beautify the painting with combination combination of cool and warm detail with high darks to complete our hut there is a bike in front of hut dont go in too much detail but a few details which are most important a few darks on plants not too much hard only where hardness is required use hardness and keep it soft mostly this plant is in sunlight use burnt sienna or orange in green to warm up green color for sunlight effect use soft and hard strokes in fields some splatters for flowers effect complete the painting with tiny details some figures walking in fields taking vegetables to sell and our painting is done if you like the video hit like button and share with friends write down in comment
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