Welcome to Earth – Short Sci-fi Film | The Netherlands (2019)

Sense of hearing detected. Visual sense detected. If you have found a history satellite… … and accustomed a childling of your species with human speech and earthly visual concepts… … let it select the following earth concepts. Horse. Tree. Satellite. Knowledge and understanding of human speech confirmed. This museum of human history was founded in the year 2117… … with support of the council of human preservation. It is meant to showcase the history of humanity. It is a human custom to greet one another so: Welcome to Earth. Unfortunately, we’ve gone extinct. This museum contains 10 billion records… … and ten million samples of human society. How? Spoken input accepted. Loading the struggle of mankind. Born or created, we struggled to understand. We build and created. We thrived. Explored. Fought. And lost. We took too much and brought our world down on ourselves. In the end it was both the ice and desert. The freezing cold and endless sands in which no human can survive… … that suffocated us. Our exploration of the stars was in its infancy. But we build vessels to send ambassadors throughout the universe. In the hope of finding other lifeforms. In the hope of finding help. Touch input detected. Ambassador Rene Shepard joined the fleet in 2087. He was selected one of seven ambassadors. As fourth best student in his class of 400. Ladies and gentlemen… … I present to you: The knowledge probe. It contains everything to teach an alien child our language. 6000 are already out there. The last seven will be accompanied by humans. By you. You will find the extraterrestrials. Use this to teach one our language. And convince them to aid us. There has never been a mission more vital than this one. Once you’ve all made it safely into space… … the entire world will know you’re out there. Representing us. On behalf of the council of human preservation. And the entire human race. I thank you for your service. Do you swear to find extraterrestrial help. Or die trying? I swear! I now give you… … our ambassadors of Earth! Don’t forget to send a postcard! From space? Of course! I’ll have an alien deliver it! Dear boy. I still can’t believe you’re going up there. Please drive safely. It’s a spaceship mom. Not a car. Of course he will Agnes! I’m so proud of you! Hey! Rene! Pose for the picture! What is it with you and ancient technology? I just like it more. It’s so… Old fashioned? It’s called authentic. You could try to appreciate it more! Thanks. I guess. On his departure he left his wife Mae Rose and his children. It’ll be fine. They’re out there somewhere. And I’ll find them. Just make sure you come back to us. If anything happens, we’ll help you. This all feels wrong. I mean, the children. What if… Clearance for take off confirmed. Don’t worry dear. I made him promise to drive safely. It’s just. How long before he comes back? Control: Ready to enter Hyperdrive. Entering Hyperspace in 3… 2… 1… Starting scans for first waypoint. Log entry. First waypoint. Readings show… … no life-forms. Log entry received and confirmed. Please proceed to the next waypoint. Preparing for Hyperspace jump. In 3… 2 … 1… But with our technology…. Travelling through the fabric of space was perilous. Fourth waypoint. Going back into Hyperspace. Getting ready. 3… 2… 1… Maisy? Maisy?! Check his vitals. Attention! Com officers. It seems we have lost one of our ambassadors. But we need to carry on with our mission. Please proceed. Preparing for second hyperspace jump. Log entry. Waypoint 18. Log entry received and confirmed. My ship is breaking up! Star system 74! Starting scans now. Caution: oxygen malfunction. Meteor shower, just a little one. Roger. Good jump. Scans are complete. Readings show no lifeforms. Readings show no lifeforms. No lifeforms shown by sensors. Please proceed. Breach. Tell my little girl I love her. Please proceed. Warning: Depressurization. Carry on. Oxygen failure. Oxygen… Carry on. Pressure failure. How’re you doing down there? Okay? How about Rene? Really? I’ll beat him! Ready to rock and roll control! 2.. 1.. I’m too close to the sun! Trying to… Please confirm your position! Check the vitals. Good morning ambassador. Everything is fine. Please proceed to waypoint 65. Log entry. Waypoint 213. Readings show: No lifeforms. Any news? All is well. No signs of other lifeforms yet though. Good. Relay to Tess… … I’ll beat her to them! Control? We’ll do that. Just keep digging. Okay? Roger that. Back to work. Inputing coordinates for waypoint 214. Rene? Scanners are showing a breach. Rene? Do you read? Rene do you read? Rene? Rene! In the end… … even our last ambassador was lost. An unknown accident caused him to crash 12 days after departure. Cause of death: Rapid freezing… … due to an extremely hostile atmosphere. If your race posesses the right technology there’s a 10% chance of reviving his preserved body. He was the last ambassador to die. We can’t allow the public to go into a panic. These men died for us! Aim. Fire! A private funeral was held. His death marked the end of the alien outreach program. No help was found. The public was never informed of the deaths of the ambassadors. His personal files are publicly accesible. This personal file contains 10.332 written messages… … 869 pictures and 53 video entries. Which one would you like to see? All of them.


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