Welcome To The Pit (Planet Coaster) – Rev [Vinesauce]

I kinda feel like I just had… something go wrong with me last time I streamed this… I’m not entirely sure what. Let’s just have a massive hole in the middle of the place. Why the fuck not? This is The Pit. Once you enter it, you will never see the sun again. I’m going to make a road that goes directly into it. Come to our Pit! You cannot leave it once you have entered it. Into The Pit with you! Descend into the depths. Be seen by no one. Be heard by no one. Let existential dread drift over you. Then… accept it. Understand it as your place in The Void. There’s nothing here for you. There is no time for us. Come into The Pit. Enjoy The Pit. Live in The Pit. BREED in The Pit. Become a troglodyte. Become a… Man of the Dark, or Woman of the Dark. Your choice. Your path is yours. Enter The Pit. Join… us. Who are we? Does it matter? Enter The Pit. The Pit is wide. Hail The Pit. Accept The Pit. Become The Pit. You were born here. You were raised here. You will die here. We are the children of The Pit. Mankind has no saviors, except for us. The Children of The Pit. Join us in The Pit. Become The Pit. What do they need? What do you want from me? They have bathroo- ooh. “Planet Coaster has crashed.” “Attempted… to make a pit… to live in die in… worship in…” A’right. A’right, let’s get back into it. “Can I become a Pit High Priest?” You don’t really become a priest of The Pit. You just become WITH The Pit. You go into The Pit. You ARE The Pit. The Pit is an endless void. How deep does it go? How deep does your worship of The Pit go? What IS The Pit? Who made this advertisement? Who wants you to know about The Pit? We do. What do we want? It doesn’t matter. This was a sponsored ad… by The Pit. This game does something weird to me. So that’s… that’s what I think tourism is, is, y’know, making… You don’t just make the ride for the one person who’s thrill-seeking… You make The Pit that goes into the abyss… that leads them to their new life. Like, some people don’t want to live in The Pit! Some people wanna service The Pit. Y’know, someone’s gotta live in the area, so that way they can, like, have a bathroom… before they go into The Pit. Someone has to service the ATM, so that way people can leave their worldly possessions behind. Things like this exist, y’know? Someone has to be trapped in this private village just for them and their fox girlfriend. I feel like this should be one of the attractions. Disneyland isn’t just the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It’s got other shit, y’know? You don’t just go there for one ride. And for us, we wanna make it the same way. We don’t wanna be too focused on The Pit! Look, if they don’t wanna wait for The Pit, that’s fine! They don’t have to! Not everyone has to be a Pit person! Not everyone has to join The Pit! What is The Pit? We don’t know what’s in The Pit! Come to The Pit! We are The Pit! Are you The Pit? Join The Pit. Enter The Pit. Become The Pit. “Rev, are you OK?” No. I don’t know what the fuck it is with this game, but I get weird. I think it’s like, total creative control, but also… a system that I don’t really fucking understand. The combination is just this thing. Like, words coming out of my mouth. Mean… none of this is really what I’m really looking for. I’m looking for unending darkness. Is that an option? “Oil spray.” Pull the trigger, Trevor! His name is Trevor. I’ve decided it, regardless of the fact that his name may or may not be Trevor. It is now Trevor. Enter The Pit. Look at them. They descend. Descend into The Pit. It doesn’t matter if they’re down there screaming. Just as long as there’s no way out once you’ve decided to go in. We lost 400 dollars last month. I don’t think I’m very good at making parks.


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