West Lake Cultural Landscape – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hey everyone, welcome to World Heritage Journey. For today’s video we’re at the West Lake Cultural
Landscape, in Hangzhou, China. The West Lake Landscape of Hangzhou is one
of the most famous landscapes in China. Consisting of a large lake, and the surrounding
hills, the environment here has inspired Chinese painters, poets, scholars and landscapers
since the Tang Dynasty, 1500 years ago. The lake itself is quite a decent size, about
11 kilometres in circumference, and its perimeter is dotted with bridges, causeways, pavilions,
temples, pagodas, and other points of interest. Traditionally, there are ten highlights, or
“scenes” at various points around the lake, that are said to be especially beautiful and
poetic. In modern times, each of these is marked with
a painted four-character inscription with wonderfully poetic names like “Remnant Snow
on the Bridge in Winter”, “Orioles Singing in the Willows” and “Leifeng Pagoda in the
Sunset”. Many of these are just magical spots, and
with some helpful descriptions you can really feel immersed in the artwork. We also took a boat trip out to the centre
of the lake, where you can find the scenic spot: Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon. Unfortunately we couldn’t see the moon as
it was daylight, but the enormous carp ponds here and beautiful pavilions were just fantastic. Overall we had a great time exploring West
Lake. There’s just so many little hidden spots to
check out, it really makes for a fascinating day!

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