What Happens When You See the Earth from Space?

♪ [music] ♪ – I see the clouds, the water, the seas. – I see a beautiful world. – I feel like a part of something big. – It makes me feel small. – We draw our lines, and we build fences. But everyone is just sharing that same little ball there. ♪ [music] ♪ – When you look back at that planet, and you realize that it’s our planet. And it’s where all of us live, it’s just very hard to feel in any way separate. – I feel very precious that I’m living on Earth. – Everything, the totality of human history, has happened right on the surface before your eyes. – I’m just one small piece to it. This humongous moving part. – It gave me a real pride of planet. It allowed me for that moment to forget about all the difficulties that the people have here on Earth. – It makes you really wonder and think about, “What are we doing to this planet, and how can we better protect it?” – It’s not just this planet as a ball of blue and green that we need to take care of, but it’s everyone and everything that’s down there. – We’re in all of this together. We’re in this planet together. – I don’t want anything bad to happen to our Mother Earth. – It’s our home. We need to treat it right because we only get one. – In the big picture, we here can make small changes that, multiplied by the billions, can make significant changes in our planet. – Life is lived by small choices – What I do impacts you and vice versa. – Looking at this makes me want to keep it clean and beautiful the way I see it. – I love planet Earth. I love it.


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