What if Earth started Spinning Backwards? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if Earth started Spinning Backwards? Then I’ll eat my burrito backwards. Oh listen. Backward spinning of the earth is termed as
a retrograde motion. Now, to understand the effects of this retrograde
motion on earth. Scientists performed some simulations. In these simulations. The first noticeable change was that. The direction of winds and ocean currents
reversed. Causing changes in climatic conditions. This resulted in a much greener earth as the
world’s deserts shrank. From 42 million square kilometers to 31 million
square kilometers. Secondly, at present. Rising level of carbon dioxide is contributing
to global warming. But in the retrograde world. With more trees to absorb carbon dioxide. The global mean temperature dropped by about
0.2 degrees Celsius. Thus considerably lowering the effects of
global warming. Lastly, the rainfall pattern also changed. As a result, the Great Sahara Desert and the
Arabian Desert. Got covered in trees and grasses. While never-seen-before deserts emerged in Southern Brazil and Argentina.


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