What If Everyone on Earth Looked the Same

So picture this: it’s a beautiful Saturday
morning, and you woke up to the sound of blackbirds chirping through your half-opened window. Unlike other days, it’s still very quiet,
so you decide to sneak a peek through your curtains to see what’s going on. A few people are walking by, but there’s
a problem. They all look the same. With identical skin and hair color, when you
look closer, even their face is the same. You are in a world filled with identical humans. Meet Flint. He is 24 years old, he has brown hair, hazel
eyes and he’s 6 feet tall. What a catch. He lives in a parallel world where everybody
looks exactly alike, and he told me everything about it. Hey, what color are your hair and eyes? Let me know in the comments! In the parallel universe #12, every person
is born with the same face. It’s as if a factory produced humans in
the same way dolls are manufactured – minus the package, of course. These identical creatures come into the world
naturally, but they don’t just have a name. They also have a number. As we all know, in our world, our names and
surnames help in identifying us. But many people have the same name and surname. I know 7 John Smiths. But we also have our date of birth that separates
us, and then our face of course. That’s why we have those little unflattering
photos on our IDs. In Flint’s world, instead of that photo,
they have a unique number. Here’s how it goes:
To keep the world in order, the government came up with a numerical system that gave
each person a number. Every time an individual was born, doctors
had to go online and fill in the new data. Then, the computer connected to a superfast
processing server that would assign the number itself. Flint was #256,873. But if there were multiple people born at
the same time, the computer started adding letters to the sequence. Flint’s friend Sam was born alongside other
babies at the same millisecond. So, they were given the numbers 400a, 400b,
400c, and 400d. To make sure that nobody lost their unique
identity, they had tiny microchips placed in their chests. That also made traveling easier. When Flint was flying to another continent,
he didn’t even have to check-in. The high-tech systems picked up his identity
from his chest and knew where he was — these systems where installed in all public places
to keep the world in order. My question to my buddy was: “How do you
identify all your friends?” He said that when you become friends with
someone, the chips connected through something like Bluetooth. So, when you meet your best friend, you could
tell who he is from a distance without even talking to him. They never got to play hide and seek though. This guy is Eric! When he was born into the identical-human
world, he never saw a beauty ad in his life. The world of social media in this parallel
Universe is completely different from what we’re used to. In our world, everyone pays attention to the
way they look. So, people try to experiment with hair, face,
and makeup. Some people even try to change their look
to make it more marketable and gain more followers. But in the world where everyone looks the
same, people don’t care about beauty, because the outcome will always be the same. The accounts aren’t based on photos but
on intelligence. Humans have some desire for attention. But if you all look like every other person,
you have to use your achievements and intelligence to have it. Eric’s identity is #89,856. From the moment he was born, he was given
just one online social media account. It is mandatory, and there’s only one platform
in the world. But he couldn’t access it until he turned
18. Since he looked like everyone else, the system
had to scan his face and identify his age. Until then, his parents were able to post
about celebrations, achievements, and updates. When Eric became an adult, he gained access
and saw what everyone else was up to. He checked all the social media celebrities. They were inventors, scientists, and well-respected
individuals. He followed the top celebrity of the platform. His name was James Miller, and he was on the
verge of perfecting teleportation. He managed to teleport animals to a distant
galaxy, but they were making some adjustments before sending out humans for the first time. He had 357 million followers. You see, in this world, only your achievements
and character could make you different, so people used that to their advantage. Nobody could use their looks to get what they
want. In just 100 years, everything that ailed humans
was cured. Eric showed me another celebrity. His name was Dave, and he had 292 million
followers. He built a space ship that could travel faster
than the speed of light while keeping travelers safe. Meet Liam. His ID number is 52,003a. He told me that one of his favorite things
to do was going to school. He learned new things, and most importantly,
everyone got along – well, when they weren’t competing, that is. Bullying didn’t exist in Liam’s world. Us humans like to label people who have a
different appearance. And we usually pick on the negative. We categorize individuals on the way they
look, and their weight. Sometimes that brings their confidence down,
and that prevents them from doing well in school and society. Liam told me, everyone has the same opportunities,
and then they get to choose what they want to do in life. You can’t make fun of someone; it’s as
if you are making fun of yourself. The ideal person is the one that they see
in the mirror. I also met a pal named Logan; his identity
number was #12,370. He was a bit shocked when he saw me because
(to use his words:)) “I looked like a different species. But I gotta give it to him; he looks at himself
all the time. He is an artist, and he believed himself to
be a surrealist. His paintings portrayed people with different
colored eyes, hair, and skin. If I were to show his paintings to our world,
everyone would think that they are just realistic. His artworks shocked everyone in that world,
but not me, though. One of them looked like my buddy Ollie and
the other like my aunt Karen. Creativity in that world is limited. It’s hard to imagine something different
when you are exposed to the same stimuli. In another painting, he drew a lady with red
hair and blue eyes and green skin. As we were talking, he introduced me to his
friend Roy who was a musician. He wrote songs about space and other sciency
stuff that didn’t make sense to me. In one of the songs, he was giving tips on
how to solve difficult math equations. That was the #1 hit of the year. I asked him if he ever wrote a song about
his other half, but he said that it was very difficult. He described her hair, how she walks, talks,
and her eyes. When people heard it, they thought it was
for everyone. That’s when I realized that these humans
didn’t have a sense of individuality. They brought me a cup of coffee in a plain
white coffee mug, and I looked around. Everything had the same design without any
unique features. The walls didn’t have fun posters. They had the periodic table, the globe, and
three solar systems they explored. Those things were their only motivators to
keep going. Logan was making money by creating custom
avatar paintings for people on social media. That made them stand out a bit more. But to buy one of his avatars, people had
to have at least four brilliant achievements. The social media company required that. Roy’s number was #763,712. When we were talking about his world, he told
me that I smelled like grass. – I hope he meant that as a compliment. We got deeper into the conversation, and I
noticed that he had advanced sensory mechanisms, all of them did. It was developed over time to help them identify
people and tell them apart. Six years have passed since I visited parallel
Universe #12, and when I went back, I met Laura. Her number was #12,741,422. We went to a very diverse event. People began changing their bodies and postures
to help them stand out. The fashion show we went to was the “Legs
Hermex”. There the models were wearing arm extenders
that helped them walk on four legs. Their hand heels were pretty awesome. We met for lunch at a restaurant, and she
was talking about this famous artist that inspired her to change. She was talking about my buddy Logan. She and her friend Nick were discussing about
changing into one of those paintings. Nick wanted to have blue skin with orange
stripes, and Laura wanted green skin with atoms and planets painted on it. I thought they were talking about tattoos
and maybe plastic surgery. I began to realize that this perfect society
wouldn’t last long. People were desperate about having a unique
identity, so they were working hard to get it. I don’t know, folks. If everyone looked the same, it might solve
a lot of problems, but it would also create new ones. The sciences would probably sky-rocket, but
creativity could go either way. One thing is sure; we wouldn’t be able to
tell the difference between a celebrity and a regular person. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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