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• From why the Earth is slowing down to
why the sun hurts our eyes, we answer some of your most burning questions about life. • I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to blow
your m— • Ladies and gentlemen. Presenting to you live, LIVE, from Planet
Dolan HQ. The one. The only. The immaculate. The LEGENDARY. NIXXIIIIIOOOOOOM. YEAH. YEEEAAH. • Wow. How could I ever top that… display. • SHUSH, peasant. Had enough of your “jokes”. This time I’M reading out the only parts
people care about in these videos. And you can read out the… leftovers. • Fine with me. Can’t wait to hear some of that classic
Nixxiom commentary. Ho boy. Excited. 10 – ChiliDawg_Dawen If a neutron star happens
after a supernova, would that mean a black hole would be a star too? • No, idiot. Black holes are too dark to be stars. What you’re looking at is the chaotic aftermath
of my battles against the ancient demigods, the sundered remnants of the universe hewn
through supernova and other things I did that you can’t understand. • HA. I can’t believe how FUNNY that was. You’re killin’ it, dude! • Gosh, Dolan. Aren’t you supposed to support me? I’m getting so many negative vibes from
you & I’m trying to do professional voice acting here. Please be quiet. • *Sure, Nixxiom. Anything I can do to help you, buddy. • No, despite both forming during a supernova,
a black hole is not considered a star. Neutron stars are the densest form of a star
but do not have the required mass to become a black hole. The black hole will form when the star is
three times the mass of the sun. Also, not all black holes are formed during
a supernova. 9 – AntixerTS Does ‘moonlight’ actually
exist? • Of course it does – how else are you
supposed to see things at night? We invented the moon back in the 1980s so
that we can save money on light bulbs and electricity. • But NASA flew to the moon in the 1960s
– how would they do that if it didn’t exist? • They flew there to start building it. • They flew to the moon…to build… the
moon… • NO. * The moon was fake but they built one and
made it real, you FOOL. • Oh… kay. • No, the moon itself is not a source of
light as moonlight is mainly reflected light from the sun. Only 12 per cent of the light that hits the
moon is reflected back. Under such low light conditions our eyes can’t
see with the same level of detail or colour. This is why moonlight appears to be so different
from direct sunlight. 8 – RavenW0LF14 If the sun is so far away,
why does it hurt my eyes when I look at it from Earth? • Because you’re WEAK. You need to schedule time in your day to train
your eyes, just stare at the sun for at least 1 or 2 hours. See, Tolop? Tolop used to be a giant loser until he took
my advice. He’s nowhere near as refined as me, but
he’s not a TOTAL waste anymore. • It is not the actual rays of sunlight
that hurt your eyes – although the ultraviolet light does damage the eyes if you look for
too long. Instead, it is the pupils in our eyes that
contract to let in less light, and as they adjust quickly to bright conditions the muscles
work harder to get as small as possible. • Hey. Come here for a sec. I need to talk to you. • I’m literally good. I’m almost certainly okay to keep standing
right here. • Fine. I don’t need you. 7 – the green book How did Airplanes get
their name? • They got the idea for the designs after
seeing someone weird in the sky. Look! Is that a bird? A plane? No — it’s me, Nixxiom, lord of the dead,
devourer of souls, eternal champion of the unholy abyss, NYA HAHAHAHAAAAA. Airplanes are just a total ripoff & they owe
me extreme amounts of cash royalties for stealing my image. • The word “Airplane” comes from the
French word aeroplane, which is derived from the Greek word for air and planos meaning
wandering. The word airplane originally only referred
to the wing, since it is a plane – or flat surface – that is moving through the air. Eventually it came to refer to the entire
craft. • Based on ME. • Sure. It was you. Yeah. Believable, mate. • Don’t call me, “mate”, friend. • Oh no. Nixxiom. I thought you were my bestie. Ahhhhh. 6 – xiu shangirl if the earth has a lava
center then why isn’t the earth burning up from the inside out? • *
• IT’S OKAY, I GOT THIS ONE. • Haven’t you guys ever been through summer? That’s the Earth’s core heating up! Pavements a furnace, everyone’s sweating
– can’t possibly be anything else. Case closed. • NO!! That’s the worst answer you could possibly
give! RAAGH. Just shut your rancid face, Dolan, SHOO. You SUCK. • Oh. My deepest apologies. What were you going to say? • Well, I—
• The Earth doesn’t burn up from the inside because pressure is playing a role not just
temperature. Even though the centre is extremely hot, it
is not under the right conditions to melt. There are pockets of magma but overall the
crust and the layers make it difficult for heat to move outwards from the centre. Also, the reaction that causes the heat is
different to that of a star and is not as hot. 5 – Ninjaknight05 Productions Is the Earth’s
rotation actually slowing down? • Oh, that. Yeah… that’s just the world dying because
of all the decomposing souls choking the atmosphere. If it’s a cloudy night and you look up,
you can see the sparkling light show of a million tortured ghosts struggling to break
free from the icy grip of eternal damnation. It’s so romantic. I’ve taken all the PD girls to see it. They all love it. And me. • Yes, the Earth is gradually slowing down
due to “tidal friction” with the moon. The moon’s rotation is increasing as it
slowly moves away from the Earth. In one hundred years a day will be two milliseconds
longer, and billions of years from now a day and a month are estimated to both last 47
days. 4 – SilverEdge2006 What flavour was the
original bubblegum? • GROSS. Bubblegum is the dumbest invention ever & you
should feel ashamed for chewing it. You know who made this…this… trash? Those Japanese kawaii school girls, and weirdos
like Andiemations. Disgusting. Get that filth AWAY from me. • The first bubble-gum, created by Walter
Diemer of the Fleer Company in 1928, had a unique flavour that has been kept secret. Called Double bubble, the gum likely contained
a combination of natural and artificial fruit flavours to create a distinct bubble gum taste. The first successful chewing gum flavour was
liquorice. • Nixxiom, had a complaint from our staff. Apparently you went to the artist room and
started screeching about… bubble gum? • No, that didn’t happen. • Okay. Because I was standing… right here… and
I heard it happen and you did it like 20 seconds ago. Also I saw you do it. • You got the wrong guy. You need to listen better. • Huh. Interesting. 3 – ken ironroad What country made the first
Jet? • My country. It was me, don’t you get it!? I’M the first airplane. Me, Nixxiom, lord of the dead, devourer—
• I’m sorry, could I just uh— • No, I’m TALKING—
• Just, please— • NO—
• Germany was the first country to successfully fly a turbojet-powered aircraft in 1939. • NO. • It was called Heinkel He 178. This was despite the efforts of Englishman
Frank Whittle who originally developed the idea in 1928. The first commercial jetliner was the de Havilland
Comet, which was made in the United Kingdom and had its first test flight in 1949. • I am NEVER working with you again. You are SUFFOCATING me. • Could I, just—
• NOO— 2 – LillyPons15 Is it possible for a blind
person to get their vision back? • Of course it is. Stop being a whiny girl and just fix it yourself
– TOLOP. You’re not blind, just reach inside your
sockets like this and — pull — them — out — like — this
• * • Welp. There we go! Good as new. • Okay. Are you an actual psycho? Or are you just oblivious to the pain you
cause others? • You guys are more than welcome. • Yes, there have been successful cases
of a blind person regaining their sight. These resulted from a variety of experimental
procedures such as stem cell surgery. One such procedure uses glasses with tiny
cameras attached that send signals to a retinal implant in the patients eye. However, these only restore partial sight,
allowing the person to make out shapes. 1 – Becky Why do tropical cyclones spin
in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres? • That’s because people on the other side
of the world are WRONG. Take Dolan – he’s from Australasia, over
there when they flush the toilet, a crocodile pops out. • Oh, my, god. Really? • How do you survive, though? I really don’t understand your Austrian
dingo laws. Do you people even have water? You’re so primitive. • Cyclones spin counter-clockwise in the
northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere due to the Coriolis effect. This occurs because of the rotation of the
earth, which prevents the air from moving in a straight line – deflecting it either
left or right depending on the hemisphere. • I’ve been thinking. Maybe you’d have more of an audience if
we renamed the show Super Planet Nixxiom. • Not even slightly. • Or, Nixxiom Presents: The Nixxiom Show,
featuring his fans. Which would be you. • That’s a great idea! • Yeah? • No.


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