What is Choose The Planet?

These are Joseba and Paloma Paloma is passionate about cooking she is a yogi and she loves animals and nature Joseba is a businessman a gardening enthusiast a surfer and a sea lover They both love to travel. But on their last trip to Indonesia, they discovered the dark side of the paradise… swimming among corals and sea turtles, there was waste everywhere. The garbage was thrown into rivers or burned in piles. Back in London, nothing was the same again. Going to the supermarket became a real nightmare Everything was plastic wrapped food without flavor and unnecessary packaging At home they did what they could to reduce their waste, but it was not enough. They couldn’t stop thinking about those poor turtles. They were convinced that they could do something else. So after thinking a lot about it, they had a great idea. That’s when Choose The Planet was born! They left their lives in London and embarked on an adventure crossing Canada in an old school bus converted into a house and traveling for a year the West Coast to Costa Rica or as far as they can go… Visiting natural parks, learning to live more sustainable, and cleaning the beaches that they will find on their way. But cleaning and recycling are not the solution The key is to reduce our waste. Starting by stopping to consume single-use products and opting for reusable products. Choosing natural alternatives without packaging Avoiding ready meals and processed food, Shopping in bulk choosing sustainable brands and supporting local communities. Because in the end, it’s just a matter of choices. Finding the balance between the best for the planet and what really makes you happy. But they will need your help! By supporting this project and sharing it with your friends, their voices will be heard much further More people will join them and more beaches will be cleaned. As they share their trip, they will be able to tell everyone their experience towards a more sustainable life. Helping and inspiring more people to make decisions that help our planet. Spreading the Choose the Planet movement around the world. Because with your help small changes can make a big difference So what do you say? Are you choosing the planet?

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