What would happen if an asteroid hit the earth…?

what would you do if an asteroid is going to hit earth tomorrow what would be your timetable for the last 24 hours actually what happens if an asteroid hit the earth actually from where does this asteroid comes and to know what happens to us if an asteroid hit the earth , before that I would like to tell some information about the asteroid belt and clouds , so hi friends this is joseph and welcome back to the Beyond Life channel………… planets and their moons maybe the most prominent member of the Sun family but the most populous one is, the asteroids because they are large number.over two lakh asteroids were discovered and astronomers estimated that there are over a billion asteroids and comets in our solar system !!! first , the main belt , most of the asteroids revolve around the earth the distance of the distance between the Mars and Jupiter even though the asteroids move in one direction in this belt the collision takes place often ! there is a mysterious fact of main-belt in which a very few people know this , if the Jupiter is further moved away or if it is not existed at all then the asteroid in the main belt combine to form a planet which would be very smaller than our mercury . and after the main belt then comes the Kuiper belt the belt is beyond the orbit of Neptune stretching over a distance of six billion kilometers in this belt the icy comet like materials or like an asteroids are in a flat disc the mass of the Kuiper belt would be equal to the 30 times the mass of our earth and next the oort cloud this is not a cloud at all but it is a combination of millions and millions and trillions of comets and asteroids the asteroids in this oort cloud would be rotating very fast and and on its own direction and these three belts are very necessary to know the origin of asteroids and if an asteroid would be going to hit the earth and then it would be of any three of this belts now we have came to an idea of three asteroid belts the main belt the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud okay now we have learned about this … come back to our main point what happens if an asteroid hit our earth !! okay let’s see what happens what would happen if an asteroid ten kilometres across hit the earth if an asteroid or meteorite of about ten kilometer in diameter hit either land or ocean on earth what may happen ? For an asteroid ten kilometer in diameter it doesn’t matter whether it hits ocean on dry land remember that the deepest point in the oceans is in the Mariana Trench and is only 11 km deep also a typical speed for meteorites is there on 30 km/s and asteroid about 10 kilometers across is so massive that it’s very hard to slowed it down unlike smaller meteors which will not slow down much by air friction it will punch through the atmosphere like it’s hardly even there when it reaches the surface it will smack so hard that it won’t matter if it strikes ocean or land the impact with the Earth’s crust will finally stop the asteroid the energy of the impact will vaporize the asteroid and a large amount of the Earth’s crust creating a large crater more than 100 kilometer across throwing all the rocks in the air some of these debris will be going so fast that it will fly right out of the Earth’s atmosphere and go into orbit around the earth . most of the debris will rain back down on the earth. every part of the earth not just near the impact site . heating the earth it’s like the inside of an oven . to forestfire and cooking anything that isn’t sheltered underground the combination of dust from the impacts and suits from the forest fires will remain in the Earth’s atmosphere for a year our so , blocking the light of the Sun without sunlight much of the Earth’s land life and in the sea will die many species of animals including the human race , if we aren’t both lucky and resourceful we die out either in the initial catastrophic or in the ensuring years due to lack of food and general devastation of the environment and the heating temperature that burns as we are inside the oven….. the last time this happened was 65 million years ago when an asteroid struck the earth creating Chicxulclub crater in Mexico and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs on average an asteroid of this size strikes the earth every 50 – 100 million years how many days ever you live,live your life happily on earth subscribe like share.


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