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before the video starts, please open the closed caption if needed English and Chinese captions are provided and if you like my
channel don’t forget to subscribe it and also like this video Hello, everyone. my name is Jimmy C and today I’m gonna make my first vlogging video where am I going? I’m going to Sun Moon Lake at Nantou county with our leezang, which is like a neighborhood representative okay so let’s go from 6:30 to 10:30
we have driven about four hours and since we are ahead of our schedule our leezang arranged a bonus tourist spot for us which is Puli brewery after we crossed the bridge we’re at the gate of the brewery and later we’re gonna go to the demonstration center and show you how to brew those wine after I arrived at the exhibition building I saw a lot of equipment for brewing wine such as urns and microscopes I also found an old china cup for drinking what the most amount
things that I saw were urns There were shelves of urns and moreover a wall made of urns at last, I even witnessed an urn tunnel This is a tunnel made of urns, and I’ve never seen any tunnel like this It’s incredible and amazing! This is a pretty long tunnel while rambling through it I feel like I’m in a time tunnel that also reminds me of
the brewery’s good old days finally when I’m gonna leave the brewery I found a large red urn lantern and then, I left for lunch then it’s lunchtime although it was quite hearty and delicious I didn’t eat much because I didn’t feel like eating However, I did eat a lot of tomatoes and enjoyed the 愛玉(a kind of jelly) very much at Shuishe pier I’m so happy and excited now because we’re at the Sun Moon Lake and look at the water It’s really azure and also the mountains are lush later on, we’re gonna board the boat and travel around the Sun Moon Lake At the first section, we’re gonna go from Shuishe pier to Xuanguang pier at Xuanguang Pier we’ve just went from Shuishe pier to Ita Thao pier (Xuanguang pier) Ita Thao pier (Xuanguang pier) Ita Thao pier (Xuanguang pier) now Later, we’re gonna climb up the hill and see a temple called Xuanguang temple Now, we’re at the entrance of Xuanguang temple’s path Let’s go! after a few steps up here, we’re at the Xuanguang temple here, Xuanzang monk’s relic was stored before but now it’s not here now let’s go inside and see what’s there the statue of Xuanzang monk caught my eye when I first entered the temple after a while of appreciating it I turned around and discovered a drum and a huge bell I also saw an introduction of how and when Xuanzang monk reached and brought back the buddist scriptures here’s a zoomed in picture of him after I walked out of the temple I stood at the edge of a hill and gazed at the Sun Moon Lake in the middle of it was the lalu island which the captain introduced to us in the boat then I moved leftwards and accidentally saw two of those dams’ (gates) for draining water and producing electricity In addition, the pair of dams(gates) is called(belong to) Toushe Dam at the second section, we’re gonna drive from Xuanguang pier to Ita Thao pier at Ita Thao pier I was wrong at the last harbor(pier) that was Xuanguang harbor(pier) and now at this harbor(pier) is called Ita Thao harbor(pier) Ita Thao is a native village that’s aboriginal let’s go explore there is a super crowded market there and there are a lot of things there but I don’t like to buy stuff so I walked out with nothing instead, I like to appreciate the beautiful view of the azure lake water and also the green mountains you can also see the swan-like boats over there I think the people there are going on a paddle now it’s a really enjoying place to come I wandered around and last I found a pavilion by the lake I think that maybe I’m just gonna relaxed here and this video is about to end here like this video and don’t forget to subscribe me if you haven’t I’ll catch you at the next time bye bye !!!

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