Where to find the English Landscape garden style in Hannover, Germany

Around 1700 Country State for several novel man were established in a former flood plain of a river leine. 1726 the Herrenhausen alley was planted just through the gardens connecting Hannover with a royal palace it is almost exactly one geographical mile or 1.85 kilometers long and consists of four rows of lime trees Georgengarten is a landscape garden in the northwestern borough of Herrenhausen of the German city Hannover It is a part of Herrenhausen garden or the Royal family garden In order to enlarge the Royal gardens of Hannover the wallmoden palace and the wallmoden gardens in 1817, were sold to George III who had been King of Hannover since 1814 From 1818 on the palace was named Georgenpalais and the name changed to Georgengarten. From 1828 until 1843 the formal garden was redesigned as an english-style landscape garden Former water features canals and so on were enlarged into a pond During World War II, The Georgengarten was damaged severely by bombs during Royal Air Force raids. The Georgengarten was used to grow vegetables, In post-war military occupation years a lot of seeping engine oil and fuel of the British troop vehicles damaged many of the lime trees of the old Herrenhausen alley, their step by step restoration took until 1970s Since 1949 ownership fo the Georgengarten was transferred to Wilhelm Bush Society A Literary Society named after the famous German caricaturist painter and poet Wilhelm Bush. Today the Georgengarten is now a part of the famous Herrenhausen garden or the Royal family garden There are several physical responses our bodies have to being in nature or Gardens in particular besides boosting happiness positive emotion and kindness Exposing ourselves to nature may also have physical and mental benefits Nature experiences lead to reduce stress and behavioral changes that improve smooth and general well-being


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