Which planets were DESTROYED by STARKILLER BASE?

Ok, So, in this video we are going to discuss
which planets were destroyed by Starkiller base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, firstly, no it was not Coruscant…Coruscant
hosts more than a trillion living beings, and destroying such a huge planet would create
massive repercussions for the First Order. So in the movie, Snoke gave permission to
Hux to prepare the Starkiller weapon. When the weapon was ready, Hux addressed the
legions of Stormtroopers under his command who assembled to witness the destructive firepower
of the weapon. Hux promised that this day would be the end
of the New Republic and, ultimately, the Resistance, the culmination of everything the troops had
worked towards. Hux then commanded that the weapon be fired,
and massive beams of energy travelled across the galaxy towards the Hosnian system. When they arrived, the astronomical bodies
of the system were destroyed, including Hosnian Prime. With the destruction of Hosnian Prime, the
capital planet of the Republic, came the destruction of the Galactic Senate and much of the New
Republic Starfleet. The casualties on Hosnian Prime included Chancellor
Lanever Villecham and Korr Sella, an envoy from the Resistance sent by General Leia Organa
to warn the Senate about the threat of the First Order – a warning that came too late. The destruction of the Hosnian system was
visible from across the galaxy. Which most fans claim was unrealistic. The famed smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca,
along with Stormtrooper defector Finn, witnessed the system’s destruction from Takodana, in
the Inner Rim. The sight led to confusion on Takodana, but
Finn told Solo and Chewbacca that what they were seeing was the First Order using the
Starkiller to destroy the Republic capital. After the destruction of the Hosnian system,
the Resistance put a plan in motion to destroy the Starkiller base before it could destroy
D’Qar, the world the Resistance called home. Finn, Solo, and Chewbacca were sent to the
weapon first to disable its shields, while Commander Poe Dameron led a Starfighter assault
against the base’s thermal oscillator, which contained the energy that it drained from
stars in order to power its weapon. The Resistance forces were able to successfully
destroy the weapon but at the cost of a number of Resistance lives, including Solo and many
Starfighter pilots. So, why would the First Order do this? The objective of the First Order was to eliminate
the government that was supporting the New Republic, and to test their new super weapon. • General Hux stated his belief that if
the Galactic Senate was destroyed, it would be much easier to destroy the New Republic. • Hosnian Prime was the current capital
of the New Republic, and the home of the Galactic Senate. • Hosnian Prime was located in the Hosnian
System, along with 4 other planets. The Hosnian System was also the home base
for the New Republic Starfleet. The Hosnian System is not explicitly declared
to be the target during the film, but given these separate pieces of evidence it is safe
to say that this group of planets was the target of the Starkiller weapon test. Although many fans though Starkiller base
was somewhat derivative, superweapons actually make sense, or else, how else could a group
such as the First Order gain control of the galaxy? They don’t have the resources to police
the entire galaxy, so they use fear as a way to keep the galactic population in control. And the only way to create this fear, is to
demonstrate immense power, by using technology like Starkiller Base, and scaring people with
figures like Kylo Ren and tales of the dark side… So that’s it. Those are the planets destroyed by Starkiller
base. If you have any further information, please
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