Why Spiritual People Can’t Get Rich. Earth Star Chakra Activation Secrets

Heather: In this video we are going to give
you some Earth Star Chakra activation secrets. David: And tell you why most spiritual people
can’t get rich. Plus, stay to the end for a secret weapon. Heather: For some Earth Star Chakra activation. I’m Heather. David: And I’m David. Heather: From Zen Rose Garden. David: .com. Heather: Yes. David: Helping people create … Heather: Badass lives. Heather: So what is the Earth Star Chakra? David: We called this one the Millionaire
Chakra. Heather: This Chakra is a Transpersonal Chakra,
which means it sits outside of the body. David: Out of the body. It’s like an out-of-body experience in the
Chakras. Heather: This Chakra is said to sit six to
12 inches below the feet actually in the earth itself. In theory, it connects you to the earth in
a partnership. David: Which might be why it’s called the
Earth Star Chakra. Heather: There you go. David: So why do we call it the Millionaire
Chakra? Heather: Here’s why. We’ve done several Aura readings over the
years and whenever I do an Aura reading for someone who is substantially wealthy but also
spiritual, I will see this magenta color coming around their feet. It’s pretty crazy. David: So here you might be wondering how
spirituality and wealth are tied in. Spirituality and wealth are so interrelated
because in order to be fully abundant in all areas of your life, you have to be open to
receive it. Heather: So we notice that this Earth Star
Chakra gets activated by someone who is very abundant but also very spiritual. Because you could be a millionaire and the
Chakra is not activated. David: I want to touch on the color for a
minute. When the Chakra is dormant, it’s a black color,
which is kind of earth related. When the Chakra is activated, it turns into
this yummy magenta. Heather: We like to call this the Money Chakra
or the Manifestation Chakra. Now there are other Chakras that contribute
to wealth and money and success, but this one is extra special. David: It’s extra. Heather: Extra. Heather: So now we’re going to give you three
tips on how to activate this Chakra. David: Like a spiritual millionaire badass. Heather: Tip number one … David: Congruency. Heather: People that have activated the Millionaire
Chakra have become congruent. David: And congruent basically means that
your inside matches your outside. Who you are on the inside is who you’re presenting
to the world on the outside. Heather: Right. When your sense of what you feel your deserve
and your desire for what you want match, just like we talked about in our video about using
the law of attraction, then boom, this Chakra is activated. David: And it becomes super easy to manifest
things that you want because you feel that you deserve them. Heather: So the people that have activated
this Earth Star Chakra have done the work of erasing limiting beliefs on a very, very
deep level. David: Deep. Heather: Deep. David: So deep. Heather: Tip number two. David: Love your life. Heather: Yes. David: This is one of the biggest keys to
an abundant mindset. Heather: Yes. David: And to an abundance mindset. Heather: Right. David: First let’s talk about some of the
blocks to an abundant lifestyle. Heather: one thing that we commonly see in
the spiritual community is a lot of people will feel like they don’t want to be here,
they don’t belong here, they’re from some place in the stars, and they aren’t really
children of this planet. David: Which to me means that they haven’t
chosen to be here because if you’re not here, how could you possibly manifest using the
tools of this earth plane? Heather: The natural human drive is to manifest
what you want and to create things and to be in partnership with that earth energy and
make the life that you really want to make. So with the people that have this mindset
in a human body, there’s this cognitive dissonance that gets in their way of ever getting anything
really done or getting the abundant lifestyle that they want. David: And the reality is you can’t have it
both ways. You can’t be running away from this earth
and trying to manifest on this earth. If you’re going to manifest here, you have
to use the rules of the earth plane. Heather: It’s like a spiritual and an earth
nexus. David: Partnership together. Heather: Tip number three. David: Greed versus abundance. Heather: Many spiritual people will sabotage
their own ability to create wealth because they have guilt or they are fearful about
how they will be perceived if they have wealth. As a test to see if you have this hidden saboteur
to your own abundance, ask yourself these questions. David: Do you criticize or get down on people
that have wealth? Heather: Do you feel entitled to the wealth
of other people, but are not willing to put in the work? David: Do you believe that money changes people
for the worse? Heather: Yes. That’s a big one. So the millionaires that we have met that
have activated this Earth Star Chakra know the difference between greed and abundance. They live an abundant lifestyle. They don’t feel guilt or shame for having
what they have, but they give to worth causes. They give of their excess to other people
to lift the burdens of their fellow man and woman. David: And another key point here is that
they see their spiritual wealth and material wealth as the same thing. This is fully in line with the law of attraction. Heather: And this is key is seeing no difference
between the spiritual wealth and the material wealth. They’re all blessings and goodness. David: So the biggest key and to sum this
part up is to enjoy the goodness of life without guilt or shame that you’re enjoying this life
that you have created. Heather: From abundance not greed. David: Dance with your buns. Be a bund dance. Heather: Now it’s time for the bonus tip. Earth Star Chakra crystals. David: These are some great crystals for connecting
with the earth and experiencing partnership and manifesting. Black Tourmaline. Heather: Hematite. David: Black Obsidian. Heather: Black Onyx. David: Deep Red Garnet. Heather: Sardonyx. David: Shungite. Heather: Shungite. It sounds like a martial arts or something. David: Shungite. Heather: And Brecciated Jasper. Heather: You just learned how to remove blocks
to Earth Star Chakra activation like a badass. David: Chaka Chaka rock on. David: Now it’s time for that secret weapon. Heather: We created a special Earth Star Chakra
meditation for super powered manifestation. David: Click the link in the description to
get it. Heather: That rhymed. David: It’s the manifestation meditation. Heather: It’s truth bomb time. David: Leave your truth bomb moments and any
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